Who We Are
We are a global consultancy firm with a difference. We focus exclusively on the news business – both editorial and management. And our focus is helping our clients innovate and embrace new digital platforms, develop new storytelling and presentation genres, and find bold new strategies as well as new revenue streams.
And all this starting and ending with the premise that 'good journalism is good business.' We have been described in the press, both as 'The McKinsey of the news business,' and 'one of the most famous firms specialising in newspapers and other news media.'

We understand that you cannot get different results by doing the same thing or with the same products – and that innovation and renewal are essential to survive and thrive.
We have been innovating with and for our clients for more than 20 years. And in all that time each and every project has been about helping clients to re-invent their content, transform the way they run their newsrooms and management teams, deliver demonstrable results, business objectives, loyal and engaged audiences.
Teamwork, innovative ideas and best practice gathered the world over have established our reputation as a unique consultancy with unmatched depth and breadth of skills.

We invite you to be part of the digital news revolution and benefit from INNOVATION’s knowledge and hands-on expertise of more than two decades advising some of the best-known media brands in the world.