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New Libe 'chic again' and 'cool again’

Posted by cockburnapestegui on 10/29/09

Paris (France)
And almost one year ago, the new board of directors of LIBE, headed by Edouard de Rothschild, hired INNOVATION to produce a full graphic redesign of the paper with a new editorial formula developed after several meetings in Paris with Laurent Joffrin and his team.
L’info est un combat is the new slogan for the launch campaign to emphasise that LIBE is back to quality, punchy, investigative and non-conformist journalism of the politically incorrect.
Thanks to LIBE and thanks to INNOVATION team for your dedication and enthusiasm: Juan Antonio Giner (UK) and Juan Señor (UK), Javier Errea (Spain), Antonio Martin (Spain), Pablo Errea (Spain), Andrew Jaspan (Australia), Thomaz Souto Correa (Brazil), Juan Caño (Spain), Deborah Withey (UK) and Sophie Bougneres (France).
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